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How to remove old bottom paint the easy way? Ie…Removing the Bottom Paint, the easy way…but is there an easy way, or is bottom paint removal always a tough job? Sandblasting, Stripping, Scraping, Sanding..Preparing The bottom of a Sailboat for Coppercoat, first we must remove the bottom paint or antifouling paint, and do a complete bottom job including new epoxy barrier coat

Patrick shows the power tools and hand tools he uses for Maintenance, and repairs as he begins the repair and restoration for a new kind anti foul paint for us, and does it completely diy. This is a “how to”, tutorial, sailboat restoration project; a do it yourself sailing video about prepping a sailboat for Coppercoat, antifouling, and how to remove bottom paint. It’s not easy to Do, but Patrick shows how to sand off bottom paint, how to remove bottom paint for a sailboat refit, not using paint stripper, which may or may not be the easy way! He explains why we do not the sand blast or soda blast, before repairing the hull if all these resin blisters.

He also puts the headsail profurl Head stay back on for this haul out in the boat yard, since it will take a while for sailboat maintenance this time! Sailboat restoration and renovation in Africa!

WARNING: WARNING WARNING Using a heatgun to remove the bottom paint is questionable, and you should do research yourself if this is the best method to remove antifouling paint from your sailboat. Damage to underlying gelcoat is a Concern, as is the carcinogenic fumes that are created when bottom paint is heated. When fiberglass is heated, there is also the potential for damage. Removal with the lowest possible heat is preferable.

Working with many local companies in South Africa, we will get this boat ready for our next Ocean, to continue sailing around the world on our 1976 Valiant 40 sailboat. This circumnavigation will be at least 15 years!

We sprayed the boat with a pressure washer to remove the growth, and then thought about which antifoul removal tool we should use, and researched how to remove old antifouling paint. The cost to remove the Bottom paint and for sanding antifouling paint from gelcoat, and then we had to decide on the best sander for removing bottom paint. “Removal easy off” was one chemical paint stripping product, but was not available here, nor were we impressed with it. . The cost to remove bottom paint was a factor too.Why isnt there a special antifoul removal tool that would make it easy? This isn’t the same as how to paint bottom paint a boat for the first time! How to remove antifouling paint, sanding antifouling, soft or hard antifouling, and the best antifouling paint for fiberglass is a consideration. Looking at the Coppercoat data sheet, and studying Coppercoat problems, and not wanting to get involved with recoating Coppercoat anytime soon, we need to remove the antifouling completely! How to remove old antifouling paint can be easy with the right power tools for boat work. Sailing Around the World does need to include working in boatyards to keep the boat Seaworthy!

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